Baba birthday, baba said want to try on Thai-style BBQ, and also heard that it's quite nice too.
Aiyo... how could I forgot about the name of the restaurant It's at the lower ground floor Sunway Pyramid old wing. Go back ask baba first

Oh..ya, it's BBQ PLAZA

We are not really having nice dinner actually, cos Zai quite moody, I guess because of not enough naps.

He can't sit probably and making a lot of noise, baba bring him walking around the shops outside the restaurant while waiting for our food.

Baba tried many ways to attract his attention and hopes he can sit a bit longer, baba even temporary "borrow" the "Dinosour" piggy bank from the Finally baba brought him a toy gun, he quite loves it, cos got sound when press, at least we can enjoy our food for a little while.

The foods.... ok lah, but with the special mixed sauce will be taste much nicer.

Zai growing up a lot, now he knows making funny faces in front of the camera

Zai didn't eat much also, he just love the crunchy foods.

We always park our car at the Pyramid Tower Hotel, before leaving we don't forget to take a shot at the staircase.

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