Coulombworld, can be trusted ?

I'm so worried, when get to know that we need to pay RM1040 for the registration ( for only 1 account) ....

And I just don't understand, why don't they get someone to write a program to upload the data into their system? And they need 5000 people for the job, means 1 person 1 account, they need to pay 3 million every month !

Am I thinking too much ?

Ya... It is 2 years contract, and every month will get RM600. Well, work for 2 months you will get your invested money back. What to worry about ? As long as you get your money back. Right !


Anyway... I have signed up 4 accounts.
1st 2 @ 31-Jan-2009
the other 2 @ 07-Feb-2009

My expected pay will probably around end of March and beginning of April.

Wait... and see..........
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