Coulombworld, can be trusted ?

I'm so worried, when get to know that we need to pay RM1040 for the registration ( for only 1 account) ....

And I just don't understand, why don't they get someone to write a program to upload the data into their system? And they need 5000 people for the job, means 1 person 1 account, they need to pay 3 million every month !

Am I thinking too much ?

Ya... It is 2 years contract, and every month will get RM600. Well, work for 2 months you will get your invested money back. What to worry about ? As long as you get your money back. Right !


Anyway... I have signed up 4 accounts.
1st 2 @ 31-Jan-2009
the other 2 @ 07-Feb-2009

My expected pay will probably around end of March and beginning of April.

Wait... and see..........
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  • Anonymous
  • colomb pantat
  • Anonymous
  • pantat ko mcm ni kalau betul cik zakaria tu dah keja ngan coulomb 4 tahun apasal dia tak tau yg sistem data entry tu menipu and then kenapa kalau bayar pakai check banyak sangat alasannya dah lar budak yg keja kat opis semuanya budak sabah so senang nak cabut lari so utk semua pembaca blog ni jangan pecaya kat zakaria tu aku dah berapa hari dtg kat opis columb utk korang semua yg belum tau mana ada duit dlm akaun columb tu dia dah bawak lari 20juta wan yg budak melayu tu skng dah lari kat tailand polis dah semak diorang punya pasport dua orang lagi puki mak tu dah cabut pg india so to cik zakaria jangan lar nak memandai bila masa lak yg ko shut down kan sever tu, sever tu dia set utk sampai 30 jun jer lepas tu dia tak continue lagi sebab tak nak bayar so tak leh lar conncet ngan columb pantat babi utk korang bos columb aku bg tau yg korang bila-bila masa saja korang boleh mati kena tembak berapa lar sangat nak bayar pembunuhan upahan utk boss yg kaya kan mapus lar korang kalau dia serenda sekali pun jangan harap lar bank negara nak bg duit tu balik kompon bank negara nak duit tu mati lar kita semua
  • Anonymous
  • Een
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Reply »
    |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#42 20 hrs ago
    Ok all, Een buka 6 account, adik Een buka 8 account so Een fhm prasaan u all..adik Een lagi la, da la 30hb tu dia nk amik 1st payment aleh2 ofis tutup. Ms dia gi ari slasa time 2 ofis buka tp polis dtg..

    Neway latest update, adik Een contact 1 of de manager dlm coulomb 2 En. Zakaria ptg td.
    En. Zakaria ni yg actually buka ofis ms ari slasa 2, tp problem is dia xleh nk bg duit kt sume sbb director yg leh sign petty cash..mslhnya directer lak MIA.(missing in action).

    En. Zakaria ckp dia da keje dgn coulomb 4 thn, n dia sndiri buka 40 account bln May lps. Dia check Maybank account Coulomb & dia bgtau kt adik Een duit million msh ader lg dlm account coulomb.

    Tp disebabkan org ramai bising & takut jd rusuhan ke ape, En. Zakaria ni yg call polis suh dtg ari slasa 2. Polis dtg & tanye whats de situation. Bila diberitahu yg director MIA polis suh tutup dulu operasi syarikat smpai dpt cari director.

    So,En Zakaria ni tutup dulu ofis & dia bgtau lg kt adik Een dia la yg shut down server website coulomb 2, utk elakkan kita continue buat keje buat smentara waktu ni. Ye la, sbb kang kite dok buat keje aleh2 akhir bulan ramai lg dtg tuntut duit sbb ckp kami da buat keje sbulan da..

    En. Zakaria ckp dia tgh tunggu apa kata polis & dia minta adik Een call dia blk dlm next week utk more info..

    Ok, sekadar bkongsi..:)
  • Reanne
  • Yesterday my hubby went to their office, saw a notice there saying their MD has passed away. The office closed until further notice.

    Something really wrong lah, must have run away liao.

    Anybody reported polis ?
  • star
  • Nampaknya duit kota semua dah kena tipu la nie.. i rasa coulomb tak akan dibuka balik nie..
  • kumar
  • hi..guys.. i bought 10 acc..yesterday and today i can't login.i have contact one of the coulomb staff, she said have to wait for 3 days. Bcoz MD of coulomb was arrested, without his signature we cant get the payment. They r not run away, in their acc still got RM 4 million. But don't know y he was arrested. polis already blocked their acc and coulomb website.. hope this is true news.
  • Anonymous
  • kita sudah kena tipu.semua duit yyang kami invest sudah hilang
  • Anonymous
  • Ayoyo, today I went to Coulomb office, sad to say that i think they have ceased the business. There were alot of people there wanting to know the status of the company. It seem that all the Bosses cant be contacted. So the security and the coulomd staff call the police, because customer started abusing the staff. I hope the company will be ok. Pls get posted if any of you have some info about this.
  • iena
  • tul ker boss coulombworld sdn bhd ni da lari.. ari ni tutup kan...da jadi kes polis...rugi la kawan aku baru masuk 2 minggu lepas
  • Anonymous
  • tul ker coulombworld da tutup ari ni dan jadi kes polis....lebuh ler duit kawan aku yg sorang nih
  • Anonymous
  • to day i should get the payment but the office closed.i very worried la.i call no bodt pick up the phone.what happend now...............
  • Anonymous
  • hi guys...

    tomorrow morning,maybe i will open the account...i have already checking/ far payment ok. tapi yg risaunya, lama-lama nanti dia x leh bayar...alasan bank negara bekukan duit...benda camni, i dah kena sekali. sampai skrg, modal x dpt2. siapa jadi org yg terawal, untunglah...duit dah masuk riban2.hopefully, company ni jujur dan dpt bertahan lama.Amin.
  • Anonymous
  • hi all,

    im a member myself.just received 1st payment this month. got a few questions i hope someone can help me answer.
    1. why coulomb nvr answer the phone on certain days?i tried all 3 tel numbers.if lucky only they pick up the phone.
    2.when i went there to collect payment cash, they nvr check anything.they shud at least check our IC to confirm if we are the right person they paying to.
    3. MOST IMPORTANT. when i first ask coulomb how long is their contract for this data entry project they said 2 years start from Aug it shud finish by Aug 2010 right?(duh) then i ask them y they told us that "our" contract with coulomb is 2years from the date we register.Example = if register 1 July 2009 the 2 years = 1 July 2011. but if coulomb's contract expires on Aug 2010 then wat happens to us??the staff told me after Aug 2010 when the contract finish, "MAYBE" they will renew contract 3 years more.but my question is still the same..if we register on 1 July 2009 2years contract finish 1 July 2011 BUT coulomb nvr renew contract at Aug 2010 then HOW??im still confuse..
  • WhiteMan
  • I gonna open 2 accounts this monday...hard earn money..wish me plp..hope the return is as wht we want..way to go everyone...:)
  • WhiteMan
  • Im going to open 2 accounts this Monday...wish me good luck and night earn long it returns.Way to go everyone..:)
  • Anonymous
  • very worry this for real? too late anyway i just started one account and still waiting for my first payment
  • Anonymous
  • hi,

    i got my 2nd months salary on last month 29/05/09.
    and my friends already got 9 months salary..
    normally we will take 2nd data after 2 months make sure our money come back 1st..
  • Anonymous
  • I got my first month salary d..
    But have to colect from their office. They never bank in to me as promised...

    It is very difficult to phone them, always engage or nobody pick up call...

    I am so worry for my 2nd month salary

    (kongkong99yahoo .com)
  • Anonymous
  • yes, mee too. Invested few accounts and so far so good, no complaint abt their payment.
  • Anonymous
  • Hi everyone of coulombworld member,
    I'm join on Feb and waiting for my second payroll.
    I trust in BPO system, it grew everyday, but what I worry is it's the coulombworld 2 years contract is guarantee? who is coulombworld service for?
  • Reanne
  • Hi there,
    I'm sorry for being late reply and keeping you waiting for so long.
    I got my 2 months salary liao, its means' I got my invested money back~
    I plan to invest more, if I have that amount lah.
    So, just keep an eye on them.
  • Anonymous
  • I dunno you still viewing this particular blog or not, but have you got all the money that you have invested in this company??
  • Anonymous
  • hi
    i guess you both are safe now.
    hmm is it considered that you're taking a risk by investing money in a job?
    i too am thinking of joining coulomb but am also scared it will be a scam and my $$$ will be burnt for nothing.
    do you know of any other good home based jobs that are not scams?
    would really like to get your feedback on this
  • Anonymous
  • I am waiting for my first month salary... (worry too).
    BTW, do you find your work history always disappear? Will they claimmed we didn't work for this?

    (kongkong99yahoo .com)
  • Reanne
  • Yeah~ i got my first payment yesterday as promised...
  • Reanne
  • Hi,
    u r in a safe position now. :-)
    and I hv to wait for 2 mths to get my money back =='
    btw.... r u .... saiful ?
    or can i hv ur msn ?
    or if u find any things bout Coulombworld in future, please notify me ya~
  • Anonymous
  • i've got 3 month salary already..joined since november 2008..get my money back..if they not pay me anymore that 2 years contract must be completed and they need to keep their promise..


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