Just after the Chinese New Year "Chop Goh Meh", now we have breakfast everyday at company canteen. All this started because of the CEO.

1 day during lunch hour, he ate Chicken Curry with Bread, instead of nasi. Suddenly something came across his mind, and immediately he goes to HRM and asks, what are the usual daily breakfast we had, when knows about Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we only eat plain bread with butter and kaya, he has suggested to cook something that can eat with bread. E.g. "Chicken Curry with Bread"!

Last Tuesday was the first day for the new menu, YES, we has Chicken Curry, but it's actually chicken head and potatoes cook in curry. But tastes good~ for me lah.... Most of the colleagues refused to eat when they saw is chicken head.

Then Thursday I missed it, cos I was late!

Today, its Tuesday again, I thought it will be Chicken Curry, nope.... it is Sampal Ikan Bilis~ ha..ha... Tastes good, for me lah, although a bit rasa hangus.... Also not many people eat, i guess because of they avoid hot and spicy food in the morning.

For me, I'm not so picky with food, when it is FREE~ ha..ha...
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