Yesterday Syaiful msn me, just started last year November, now he has total of 32 accounts, he handle 25 accounts, the rest handle by his assistant.

He really confident with this job! Ya... no doubt that every business has risks. 32 x RM1040, that means he has invested RM33k! What a big investment~ But it is real, he will have RM19k+ (32 x RM600) income every month!

I dare to open account half is because of him. I don't know him at all, I got his contact thru a website that discussing about scam company.

I plan to open more accounts when got the 1st payment later. Yes, I'm greedy....cos I really need money.... I need more money to pay off my debts.

Or anyone can teach me how to pay off debts with no money !?

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